The “agreement” is a binding contract between the renter, referred to as the “client” and Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC (“The Agent” – the management company dealing with on-line and walk-in rentals of behalf of the property owner(s)), for the short-term rental of the property specified on the booking forms (at the OTA’s – On Line Travel Agencies) as well as at the own Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC website It includes all of the following conditions:

· Upon entering into an agreement, referred to as a “booking”, the client understands that he/she is entering into a binding agreement and that he/she has the authority to enter into such agreement on behalf himself/herself and all guests included in his/her party.

· All client conditions outlined this policy refer to the client and/or the client’s guests.

· Bookings are for the express purpose of holiday rentals, and with the exception of small babies, is limited to the number of people listed on the booking form for that property.

· Only those parties appearing on the booking form shall occupy desired property, and the number of persons listed on the booking form must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated on the booking form or website.

· Once the client has checked into the property, no refunds will be granted. No refunds will be granted in the event of early check out.

· The client must first seek permission from the agent before allowing any additional guests to visit the property which are not listed on the booking form.

· The client and any guests of the client, whether staying or visiting said property, must adhere to the conditions of the contract. This includes any rules, regulations and/or procedures contained the information folder provided to the client for the said property.

· The client and/or his/her guests shall not under any circumstance during the term of the contract, assign the contract or sublet said property to any 3 rd party without the prior express written consent of the agent. Should any assignment or subletting occur without the prior express written consent of the agent, the client with be 100% liable for any and all damages incurred during the term or as a result of such actions.

· The client is to ensure that they have obtained all legal documents required during his/her stay in the property, including the required insurance policies.

· The client acknowledges that said property is to be used for residential purpose only. Use of property for business activities shall be considered a breach of contract and grounds for immediate evacuation of the client from the property premises.

· Other usage of the property – as photo or video shooting location or rent for a business conference or meeting purposes, shall be agreed in writing with the agent, prior to the rental.

· Upon check-in, the client acknowledges that he/she has reviewed said property and has accepted it “as-is”. Furthermore, the client holds the agent harmless against any claim or indemnification in any case related to the condition or situation of said property.

· The client shall not make any changes to said property and shall maintain all assets of and within said property to the condition in which it was received at check-in.

· The client shall refrain from committing any act that is considered illegal or may lead to police or other authority interference. In addition, the client shall take all the necessary precautions in all security and legal measurements.



A deposit of AED 7 500 is payable when the reservation is made or at the arrival time to the property as latest. Reservations may be held for 48 hours and are provisional until the deposit is received. In some cases, should the payment not be made by this due date, it may be construed as a cancellation of the contract by the client.

Cancellation and Refunds

All cancellations made by the client, regardless of reason, must be in writing and sent to Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC (the agent) at the address listed on their website ([email protected]) . Upon receipt of the written notice of cancellation, Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC reserves the right to immediately re-let said property for the booking period made at the time of the reservation.

The refund policy is as follows:

30+ Days: If the confirmed booking is cancelled 30 or more days before the commencement of the reservation, a full refund will be issued to the client.

29 Days or Less: Any bookings cancelled 29 or less days before the commencement of the reservation are ineligible for a refund. No refunds will be issued in such cases. **

In the event that the client wishes to vacate said property before the end date of their reservation, the client will not be eligible for any refund for unused days. **

** It is advised that clients take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance to guard against loss should they need to cancel their reservation.


Period of Hire

Check-in is at 4:00 pm (local time – Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on the date the booking commences, and check-out is at 11:00 am (local time – Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on the date of the departure.

It is advised that the client make arrangements with the agent in advance for a scheduled time to take possession of the property. Any changes in the scheduled time should be communicated to the agent at the earliest convenience. This is to ensure that the agent’s personnel are available to show the client into the property at time of check-in.


Right of Entry

While we do our best to respect the privacy of our clients, there are times in which it is required that we access our properties. Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC reserves the right to access our properties at all times for the purpose of repairs or possible emergencies, always in communication with the renter.


Care of Property

The client shall take all reasonable and proper care of the property and contents (including but not limited to: furniture, pictures, fittings, fixtures, and effects in or on the property). It is expected that the client shall leave the property and all assets of and within said property in the condition with respect to state of repair, cleanliness, and tidiness, in which it was received at check-in.


Damage or Breakages

A security deposit will be collected at time of check-in. This deposit will be refunded (minus any charges for damages and/or missing items) at time of check-out.

The client is required to immediately notify agent of any damage and breakage in or around the property so that the agent can make the proper arrangements for its repair prior to the next client taking possession.

The client understands that he/she is responsible for any and all financial obligations that result from the repair, replacement, or cleaning of any damage, breakage, or debasement of the property or its contents.


Rules and Regulations

The agent will provide the client with an information folder for each property which contains information on any rules, regulations, and requirements associated with the property. Clients are required to review and familiarize themselves with the information contained in the folder, and are required to observe these rules, regulations, and requirements as an addendum to the rental agreement.



Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside or near to the property, including courtyard areas where applicable, due to possible fire hazards. Smoking is allowed on balconies as long as cigarettes are properly extinguished and disposed of in the ash tray. Under no circumstances, may the client or his/her guests dispose of their cigarettes on the floors, grounds, private lawns, or public common areas of the premises.



Pets are not permitted in Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC without prior consent of the agent.

With prior approval of the agent, dogs/cats are not permitted upstairs or on the furniture. Dogs must not be left in the property, unattended, at any time.

When out, dogs must be on a lead and under the control of a responsible adult at all times. Clients are immediately required to pick up and bag any waste from their pet and dispose of it in an exterior garbage bin.

Clients are responsible for any damage caused by their pet and will be responsible for any and all costs associated with repair and/or replacement resulting from such damage. In addition, the agent and/or owners reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.


Liability and Hold Harmless

The management of Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC is not liable for any loss or damage to any of the client’s property or personal property of the client’s guests or visitors regardless of cause.

The client, his/her guests and/or visitors will hold Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC and the property owner(s), harmless for any personal injury/death however sustained, where the agent, owner(s), and/or their employees have used reasonable care, and/or when caused by the fault or negligence of the party affected or other member(s) of the party, and includes such acts such as inadequate supervision of children; and/or when caused by the fault of a 3rd party, events that are defined as “Acts of God”, or an event that could not have been reasonably foreseen or avoided.


Privacy Policy

Platinium Holiday Home Rental LLC respects the privacy of our customers. We do not sell or share information with outside parties, except where required by UAE law.

Follow the link for a more detailed description of our Privacy Policy.

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